Saturday, May 15, 2010

Golden Wedding Cake

A few months ago Paige (my husband's co-worker) asked me to do her wedding cake. She showed me a picture and requested, if at all possible, I make it gold. I said I could and set out trying to figure out how. I first attempted just gold food coloring but it turned out yellow. Next I tried luster dust (edible glitter) but it was too expensive and time consuming. Then I luckily found a gold spray. I tried it out on a different cake and it worked great. Hallelujah! I tinted the fondant slightly with the food coloring then sprayed it gold. It looked so beautiful. I loved how it came together with the white roses and piping. A few days before the wedding she also asked me to do a surprise groom's cake for her fiance. I did a simple football with the New England Patriots logo on the side. I planned on having it on a different table on the other side of the room but when he saw it the groom was so excited he insisted it be displayed front and center. :) Happy honeymoon Paige and Tyler!

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