Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bonnie's 60th Birthday

A few weeks ago my cousin Carly asked me to help her out with a top secret mission. She and her siblings were throwing their mom a surprise birthday party and needed a show stopper cake. I love her mom and was super happy for the opportunity but knew that it would come with challenges. Bonnie lives in St George (a 4 hr drive) so Carly would be responsible for the delivery and setup- huge disaster potential. She picked out a beautiful 3 tiered spring themed cake with flowers, butterfly's and bright and subtle colors complimenting each other. I made some adjustments to the original design to assure everything was 'glued' on securely. I also stuck several skewers in to keep it from sliding or drooping. Each tier had different flavors and fillings: the bottom was chocolate with mousse filling, the middle tier was vanilla with oreo cream filling and the top was lemon with a raspberry cream curd. Carly said it traveled fine and that everyone fought over which flavor was the yummiest (yes!).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cinco De Mayo Cake

Every year I think about having a Cinco de Mayo party but never quite get it together in time. Our family celebrations usually involve wearing bright colors and getting fish tacos at Rubio's. Well this year my neighborhood threw a huge bash and I volunteered to do the cake. I made a Yummy tres leches cake topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. Since we were planning on so many people I decided to make a bunch of sheet cakes to serve to the crowd and decorate a Styrofoam cake just for a dessert table centerpiece. Fortunately we had plenty leftover so I had several days sneaking into the fridge with a fork.

Monday, May 17, 2010

200 Cupcakes

A cute group of ladies at a Southern Baptist church decided to throw a formal luncheon Mother's Day weekend. The affair for little girls and their mommy's took place in Layton, UT (about 40 min from where I live). The ladies wanted 200 cupcakes in 4 varieties fit for queens and princesses. I made key lime with Swiss meringue lime frosting, vanilla with raspberry meringue frosting, pink velvet with cream cheese frosting and coconut with coconut meringue frosting. I used every inch of my car and 9 large cookie sheets to transport them all. Once there, I was so distracted with the setup that I forgot to take a picture before I left. Dang! You'll just have to take my word that it was a beautiful spread with a cupcake at each place setting. I hope everyone had a great time celebrating their moms!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Golden Wedding Cake

A few months ago Paige (my husband's co-worker) asked me to do her wedding cake. She showed me a picture and requested, if at all possible, I make it gold. I said I could and set out trying to figure out how. I first attempted just gold food coloring but it turned out yellow. Next I tried luster dust (edible glitter) but it was too expensive and time consuming. Then I luckily found a gold spray. I tried it out on a different cake and it worked great. Hallelujah! I tinted the fondant slightly with the food coloring then sprayed it gold. It looked so beautiful. I loved how it came together with the white roses and piping. A few days before the wedding she also asked me to do a surprise groom's cake for her fiance. I did a simple football with the New England Patriots logo on the side. I planned on having it on a different table on the other side of the room but when he saw it the groom was so excited he insisted it be displayed front and center. :) Happy honeymoon Paige and Tyler!

30th Birthday Cake

My sister-in-law decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her husband's 30th and asked me to do the cake. Jake is a huge sports fan so I really wanted to do a three tiered football themed cake. However, Kris bought these cute neon candles and wanted something elegant to compliment them. After several attempts to convince her of my vision I decided to give in. In the end she was right and it was the perfect cake for Jake. Thanks for letting me help Kris. Love you guys!